Chanukah – “A Dedication” or “A Celebration”

A Celebration of the Temple oil lasting for 8 days or was it about Religious Freedom? Was it one or the other, neither or a combination of both? You may be familiar with the story around Chanukah, or a version of it. It has been my experience when having a conversation about Chanukah, most of my … Continue reading Chanukah – “A Dedication” or “A Celebration”

Who is the servant in Isaiah 53?

Is the servant in Isaiah 53 a person or something else? Judaism and Christianity have completely different answers. Taking the time to study the Scripture preceding chapter 53, Isaiah gives us the answer. So lets approach this without a preconceived conclusion. The subject of Isaiah 53 actually begins in chapter 52, verse 13. Keep in … Continue reading Who is the servant in Isaiah 53?

Micah prophesies the Messianic Era

The future King or leader of Israel is referred to often in the Tanach, by the various Prophets. Micah gives reference to this leader as well. Micah grew up in Moresheth-gath, a village near the Philistine border. He prophesied during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah (739 – 693 BCE)1 Chapter 5 vs.1in the … Continue reading Micah prophesies the Messianic Era

Is Isaiah 7:14 referring to a “virgin” or a “young woman”?

Some believe that she was a combination of both, she may have been a young woman and a virgin as well. So why does this matter? It wouldn't matter, but the verse is used by the writer of Mathew to present his “virgin birth” story of the messiah. The book of Matthew is the only … Continue reading Is Isaiah 7:14 referring to a “virgin” or a “young woman”?