Socialism, Communism, or Capitalism; Are we a Republic or a Democracy or what?

Which “Economic System” is good or evil?

What “Form of Government” are we?

I remember when Civics was taught in school, but something has happened, it seems to be very different today. On TV when they do the sidewalk surveys its almost funny hearing some of the answers the interviewer gets. Sadly its not always from the young people. We don’t retain everything were taught, but some things that affect our lives and freedom we should try to make every effort to retain. Perhaps our children just aren’t taught government today, I’m not sure. What happened to Civics class?

It goes a little like this (the short version). A country, or a state consists of two fundamental operational principles. One is its “Economic System”, and the other is its “Form of Government”. Neither of these are “Good” or “Evil” in or of themselves. The country or state is challenged with matching the Economic System with the Form of Government, then the “Human Element” is added to it to make it operate.

Transactions are always between individuals or entities. But how a transaction is conducted is determined by the type of economic system implemented in the respected country or state. By economic systems I am referring to the the system of business ownership. All businesses are owned and operated:

  • privately – Capitalism,

– or –

  • some privately and some by the community (government) – Socialism,

– or –

  • or all by the community (government) – Communism.

Economic Systems:

  • Far Right: Capitalism (complete ownership by individuals)
  • In the center: Socialism (Both individual and community/government ownership) ie. utilities, medical facilities, public transportation by the community/government .
    • A Socialistic Economic System cal lean towards Capitalism, remain in the center, or lean towards Communism.
  • Far Left: Communism: (everything owned by the community/government) ie. all businesses, all land – public and private, no private ownership.

Non of these are evil in or by themselves!

Forms of Government:

  • Democracy (everybody decides on all issues)
  • Republic (decisions are made by representatives)
  • Monarchy (decisions are made by one individual, and succession that is passed down in a family line)
    • Can operate as a Dictatorship or it
    • Can operate with advisory counsel.
    • Can operate in conjunction with parliamentary legislators
  • Dictator (decisions are made by one individual)
    • Has only one political party
    • Leadership is in control by only one individual or a small group
    • An example of Dictatorship is:
    • Totalitarian (decisions are made by one individual)
      • The government has total control over all aspects of life
    • There are other types of Dictatorships – this is only one example.
  • Theocracy
    • The leader or leadership declares to represent a deity.
    • Everyone is required to follow there rule
    • ie. Vatican City (the Pope), Iran, several Muslim countries.

Non of these are evil in or by themselves!

Human Element:

All of the above can be mixed and matched. They can be moved to the left or right on there scale, and probably work. But it’s when the human element is added that problems start. A Kibbutz in Israel is a Democracy form of government  operating as a Communist economic system. They are not evil, the people are there of there own free will, and can leave if the choose. They operate very efficiently. Some are religious in nature and some are not. The Kibbutz is Communist because it is owned and operated entirely by its community. They make community decisions all together at there “town hall” meetings, thus being a Democracy. Non of the residents own any of the property individually, everything is owned by the community. They all eat together at a dining hall. Child care is provided. Now, a lot of the Kibbutz’s are folding because many of the people in Israel are preferring private ownership. Not every Kibbutz is operating today as I described, however this is an example describing how they were originally. Personally I like the Kibbutz style, however I also like my independence. But being a community is very Jewish, and a community is dependent on each other. I can see where each tribe after crossing into the land operated a little like a Kibbutz.

I believe that if Torah is taken out of the equation and if the “animalistic soul” is given into we can make any combination of these systems evil. The animalistic soul isn’t evil by itself, however like the soul of an animal it doesn’t have the “divine” element of the “divine soul”. Like all animals at creation the human was given the same soul, but we were the only creature on earth that God breathed into giving us the “divine soul” setting us apart. The animal soul directs all of our physical functions, similar to how it functions in an animal. The divine soul assists (like a link) us in our relationship with our Creator. An animal doesn’t always have “evil” intentions. Ie. the nurturing female dog, and the dogs instinct to protect its master.

An example may be:

Say a Socialist economic system leaning towards Communism with a Dictator form of Government. Is it evil in and of itself? What makes something good or evil is the condition of or our animalistic soul. Is the Dictator following Torah or is the Dictator following his animalistic evil intentions? Because the leader of this country is a Dictator doesn’t make him evil. “Dictator” is a title, but more important, what are his actions? – the human element.

The United States Federal Government is a Republic form of government, and a Capitalistic economic system, actually the only elected Federal officials by the citizens are the Legislators. Originally the members of the House of Representatives were the only elected officials, the Senators were selected by the respective State Legislators. The President is and always has been elected by the College Electorate of each state. A popular vote is taken on the Tuesday after the first Monday of November, in each state to inform these electorate of the popular desires for President. On the first Monday after the second Wednesday of December of the election year is the “meeting of the electors” when the Electors of each state vote. The number of votes each state gets is determined by the number of Representatives it has to the “House of Representatives” in Washington. This number is then increased by the number of Senators it has in Washington (each state has 2). An example: If your state has 8 Representatives plus your 2 Senators, your College Elector would then cast 10 votes for the Presidential Candidate that won the popular vote in your state. An exception to this rule is the District of Columbia gets a total of 3 votes. Followed on the first week of January is the “counting of the vote” this is when Congress counts these votes and announces the official winner of the election. (see 12th amendment) The winner needs 270 votes to win the election. If a Candidate does not receive a majority vote, (each candidate gets 269 votes) the House of Representatives becomes the electorate for the President. Each state (District of Columbia is excluded) is provided one vote, and the Representatives then elect the President. Thus we can say that the President of the United States is elected by the States, and not by popular vote.

The states are all republics, and capitalistic, however many of the local city and county governments are more democratic/republic, yet capitalist economic system. The local city and county government is a good example of how a democratic/republic form of government mix may look. The local people elect some representatives (Mayor, city counsel, Sheriff, etc.), yet many major proposals will appear on the ballots from time to time for the local people can decide on these matters.

Israel in the time of David was a Monarchy with a mix of Theocracy Forms of Government, we know that land was bought and sold, so this would indicate that they were not under a Communist Economic System, so they were either Capitalist or Socialistic or a combo of the two. During the time of King David, we had the Monarchy as the house of David, and the Theocracy was influenced by the High Priest (ie. The High Priest Zadok) and the Prophets (ie. Nathan). I believe more points toward a Capitalistic Economic system with some Socialism, because of numerous commandments pertaining to commerce. I have not found any reference to the Monarchy controlling the private business enterprise, however the Monarchy did conduct business. We know that the Monarchy was involved with agriculture and herding. The proceeds would obviously be a provision to maintain the Monarchy.

It is my belief that when the Messiah comes we will become a Monarchy form of government. And I think we will be a Capitalistic/Socialistic economic system! If you question this thought check out the book of Ezekiel.

Israel in the time of King David may have been located between a Monarchy and a Theocracy with a Capitalistic and Socialistic Economic System.

By Jim Behnke

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